NOTICE date :02-01-2019

Registration is going on for the new academic session 2019-20 Contact timing 9.30 am to 1:30 pm Wish you all a very happy and Prosperous New Year -2019...


Welcome to St.John’s Academy. Our school’s roots reach back to Vaishali, in Bihar “place of enlightment”, founded by the great educationist, visionary and the scholar Mr.A.V. Jose. Furthermore, our school is founded to the independent spirit that forever strives to improve society and the way of living, the fundamental spirit of the Vaishali people who gives their most for better education and for a better tomorrow.

Importantly, St.John’s Academy is known not only as a place where your intellect will be challenged, but also as a place that will give you the training and the skills necessary to hit the ground running as an erudite. We train students to think analytically, carefully and thoughtfully. The training the students receive in St.John’s Academy is second to none, and private and public employers alike will be glad to have you join their ranks. We also give serious attention to skills training- the activities that one should engage in every day of their life such as drafting, negotiating, arguments and oral advocacy along with physical and mental drills in all fields.

In this day and age, society tends to want quick results, but the mission of our school is not just to nurture work-ready personnel. St.John’s Academy affords to conduct education which can contribute to society in the long run. I think this is a school's strength, the strength to set the trends rather than being set by them.

Innovative technological developments and the creation of a peaceful society cannot be realized without progress in the sciences. In order to solve challenges facing the world, it is critical that we promote fundamental education and technology as well as long-range technological developments that only a school can provide.