NOTICE date :02-01-2019

Registration is going on for the new academic session 2019-20 Contact timing 9.30 am to 1:30 pm Wish you all a very happy and Prosperous New Year -2019...


St.John’s Mission speaks of Service, Challenges, Adventure, Academic Excellence, Creativity and Positive Attitude. Therefore, our prime responsibility is to prepare young minds to act as leaders to promote integrated growth as tomorrow’s global and moral citizens of the country. The school is dedicated to prepare conscientious and responsible citizens with a sense of integrity and honesty with a spirit of adventure, exploration, research and creation. The school believes in fostering each individual's potentialities providing opportunities for successful learning and growth.


The motto of the school is to make the young minds capable to march ‘TOWARDS A BETTER TOMORROW’. The school trains the students in such a way that they learn to shoulder responsibilities and handle situations independently for the remaking of nation by becoming a hope of better tomorrow.


The aim of St. John’s Academy is to impart sound value based education by forming in the boys/girls habits of piety, virtue, discipline and self-reliance during the years of their studies, thus enabling them to be dutiful and useful citizens of their motherland, India. The method of education followed in the school is on Reason, Religion and Loving kindness. We seek to form the young, through education, into men of character, competence, conscience, compassion and commitment who will foster uprightness in public life. A student must strive to attain qualities of mind and heart and integrate into his life virtues such as honesty, sincerity, piety, compassion, generosity, love for nature and self reliance. Discipline: Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in the school. Guardians are requested to collaborate in this with the School Authorities by insisting on regular attendance and punctuality of their wards.